Last Call – July 12

BarroMetrics Views: Last Call – July 12

One last call for our July 12 event in Singapore. The in-person registration link is:

The registration fee of SGD 20 (about USD 14-15) is refundable on attendance on July 12.

Not living in Singapore or can’t make July 12? No problems, we are live-streaming and providing a video to the event.

Here’s the rego page:

The registration fee of SGD 20 (about USD 14-15) is non-refundable.

What do you get for attending?

Firstly, we’re looking to change the abysmal success-trading stats. By attending, you’ll acquire a model for trading success. But, note this is a partnership: we provide the information, you provide the action.

If you are looking for a no-work, get-rich approach, don’t come. July 12 is grounded in reality – what I have found works in over 30 years trading.

Secondly, this is a value-rich offer. Here’s one of many emails:

hello Ray,
no issue with me. you can place me for the live stream. the cost is trivial for the knowledge shared.
best regards.

We needed to postpone the event from July 5 to July 12 because July 5 was a public holiday in the US. (We will be trading the FX markets, so we wanted a day whose volatility was not circumscribed by holidays).

Eddie had registered for the July 5, in-person, presentation and could not attend July 12. We had to move him to the live-stream.

Why did he consider the cost trivial? Well, he has attended one of my courses. So, he knows how much effort we put into our side of the partnership – and the results he secured when he lived up to his.

Secondly, there’s the super value package you receive by attending:

  • Video of July 12
  • The Rule of 3Ms for Preparation, Execution and Review of Trading Mindmap (includes Free Viewer or HTML)
  • Equity Spreadsheet + Video
  • Mechanical system + Video
  • Video for Psych template in Evernote:
  • Deliberative Practice Material
    1. The Beginners Guide to Deliberative Practice
    2. The Making of An Expert
    3. Beyond the 10,000 Hour Myth – How We Really Acquire Skills

The in-person event is limited to 100 registrations. Our joint-venture Oanda began its staggered mail out yesterday. If you are planning to register for Singapore, best do it as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

There is no limit to the live-stream.

We’ll close registrations for both on Monday, July 10th, 23:00 Singapore.

4 thoughts on “Last Call – July 12”

  1. Hi Ray, Im on the live call and looking forward to the event.
    Can you tell me please the expectancy for the mechanical.
    cheers baz

    1. Sorry Baz. I’m not sure which system you mean; the one live-stream attendees receive or the one we are trading?

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