Learning To Succeed III

BarroMetrics Views: Learning To Succeed III

Mention Ericsson, and the first response is “Oh, the 10,000 hour guy”. This comes from a statement Ericsson once made that to master a craft, you needed 10,000 hours of DELIBERATIVE PRACTICE. I have capitalised the last two words because they are too often left out.

Let’s consider Figure 1 from the 10,000 hour perspective.

You’ll notice that nowhere in the figure does ‘10,000 hours’ appear. But it is there, hidden behind Myelin. Scientists have discovered that expertise is strongly affected my the Myelin Sheet. Each time we perform an action, that action is reinforced by the growth of the Myelin Sheet. This growth forms our unconscious beliefs, attitudes, habits and experiences. (Figure 2)

An act correctly performed translates into empowering, supportive habits and intuition; incorrectly performed, we end up with disempowering habits.

Thus, the key  question is: what kind of actions will lead to empowering habits?

I deal with this tomorrow.


FIGURE 1 Ericsson Model


FIGURE 2 Myelin Sheeth

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