Learning To Succeed IV

BarroMetrics Views: Learning To Succeed IV

We are now at the Deliberative Practice (or as Coyle calls it,  Deep Practice) phase of the Ericsson Model (Figure 2).

There are two key principles to remember:

  1. Competence/Mastery takes time; and
  2. Learning requires a context for details and practice.

And it’s not just any practice we are speaking about – what is required is DELIBERATIVE practice.

Deliberative Practice starts with setting a goal both long-term and session goals. The goals set the context. We then breakdown  the actions to achieve our goals into a series of core, repeatable step. For example, in the trend section of my Barros Swing, the keys steps are:

  • How to draw Barros Swings
  • The key timeframes
  • The three types of ImpulsePatterns
  • The types of Corrective Patterns.

Each topic is then further reduced to doable steps.

The steps are the actions we take to achieve our goals. The actions produce result which are either neutral, or lead us towards our session goals, or pull us away  from them. Any action that does not lead us to our goals, needs to be reviewed, and either discarded or changed.

We continue this process of action-review-adapt until we attain our goals

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