Learning To Succeed V

BarroMetrics Views: Learning To Succeed V

We are at the final (first), and most important, phase of the Ericsson Model: the relationship between the Coach and the Student that ignites the learning process.

The student brings a deep-seated commitment to succeed. his knowledge and talents. The coach brings his own experience and knowledge and agrees to hold the student accountable to the program.

Most important of all, the coach provides feedback. This aspect has been all but ignored until recently. Research suggests that if we adopt deliberative practice, our success or lack of it, can largely be placed at the feet of the feedback we receive. It is the feedback quality and its proximity to the practice that provides our progress.

To this we can add research that suggests small group learning trumps individual learning when it comes to the application phase of a skill.

So, to improve our trading what it takes is for us to:

  • Find a coach who can give us feedback prior to, during, and after a trade.
  • Being part of a group of 4 to 5 members. The group members would stand-in as the coach at group meetings on a rotational basis. 


FIGURE 1 Ericsson Model

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