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First, an apology, I forgot to attach the results of the trading method included as a giveaway on July 5. Here it is.

NB: I goofed in the copying the results; I transposed the avg$win and avg$loss. The correct numbers are avg$W: 823, avg$loss 360.


An update: So far we have five expressions of interest for the live streaming. We need 30 to proceed. 

Turning today’s offering……..

Here’s a summary of an interesting investing/trading approach from Macro-ops; it’s a variation on the contrarian sentiment method view. I have also attached the whole article for you.

Here’s a summary of an interesting investing/trading approach from Macro-ops. It’s a variation on the contrarian sentiment method. Also, I have attached the whole article for you.


  • Markets are the result of an aggregation of various individuals’ beliefs. The average of these beliefs sets market prices.
  • To play the player, all we need to do is sniff out the most dominant, consensus beliefs and exploit them.
  • This process involves 3 steps
  1.  Identify the dominant beliefs driving markets 
  2. Determine alternative future scenarios that would impact these beliefs and subsequent asset pricing.
  3. Wait for indications to see which scenario is playing out by using price action
  • Reading the financial news is a great way to get a sense of how other players are thinking which informs you of the dominant market belief.
  • To play the player, ask what if the consensus market belief is wrong and then wait to see how the price action and fundamentals unfold

To save you asking, I’m not sure how you can get on their free newsletter as it no longer seems to be available from the site. You can try writing to:


Image credits: Macro-ops

4 thoughts on “Macro-ops “Playing the Player””

    1. Hi KH

      Thanks for picking it up the typo. You are correct. I transposed the AvG$Win (should be $823 not $360) and the AVG$Loss should read $360 not $823.

        1. Hi KHoo

          That’s up to you. If you are planning to take part in the live trading, then you’ll need your platform and the risk management spreadsheet we’ll be sending out. We are encouraging the attendees to participate in the trading so that they have real-time experience of the concepts we are teaching

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