MASTERY – A Post Mortem

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We completed Mastery last week. Undoubtedly is was the comprehensive and mentally exhausting course I have held – at least so far as I’m concerned.

How would I rate its success?

For me, a mixed bag: from incredible, unexpected results to disappointing. ‘Incredible’ because a couple of attendees made significant breakthroughs; ‘disappointing’ because some could have done much better. 

What was the difference between the two groups?

The ‘success’ group gave it their all. Right from the start, I could see they were committed to living up to their highest potential – no matter what. They attended all the sessions and did all the assigned work irrespective of what was happening in their lives. Also, the quality of the assigned work showed they had put in time and effort.

The ‘failure’ group attended most of the meetings and did most of the assigned work – with the key distinctions being ‘all’ and ‘most’. Also, the ‘failure’ group’s quality of assigned was poor. The work resembled a hurriedly constructed piece with little thought.

So, what’s the takeaway? You want to succeed in the markets? Do the work! Commit to your own success without excuses and with a ‘whatever it takes‘. Come into trading with a determination less than that, and you’ll fail – not ‘if’ or ‘perhaps’ but ‘will’.

4 thoughts on “MASTERY – A Post Mortem”

  1. Hi Ray, That’s fascinating. Seems similar to sport.
    Was there a particular subject or assignment which really distinguished the success from the failures? If so ,maybe could serve as a litmus test for the future.?
    cheers Baz

  2. Isin’t that how the trades ( and life) work out?
    Some flawless, others not so.
    Perhaps a psychology test before the course so that you know what to expect.

    1. Hi Ritu

      Welcome! I think your first comment?

      I agree that trading is much like life.

      I’d also agree about the test – if we could find a psych test that is reliable. But, do far that has not been the case. Also, the great thing about the human brain is its ability to change. So, it could well happen that someone may test unsuitable, to begin with, but is able to change midstream so that she becomes successful.

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