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We goofed on the first registration for MIND.  As a result, even if you registered for MIND. you will need to re-register for METHOD & MONEY (only one registration needed for Method and Money).

Here is the link for the registration:

If the first webinar is anything to go, the series will be a huge hit. I hold these content-rich, free webinars one every two or three years. If you are thinking of attending, register and attend. We have space for only 100 attendees.  As one attendee said:

I just sat through the first Breakthrough webinar and wanted to say how beneficial it was.


My head is spinning from all the content!


I suspect there is a lifetime of study in what you gave us.


Could you please let me know the dates and times of the remaining webinars in this series, so that I may organise myself?


Many thanks.”

8 thoughts on “Method and Money”

  1. Hi Ray

    Thank you for your teaching! The information provided in the webinar is not only very useful for trading but also in life!

  2. Hi Ray,

    Great content! Thanks for the ACT tip, this thing really clicks with me after reading the first fiew chapters of “ACT made simple”.

  3. Thanks Ray, good karma to you. Its also a perfect time to have these webinars because people can tie this in with their new years resolution, to make a change. You can not come away from these webinars without being affected in some positive manner.
    Thank you Ray for your time and patience.

  4. Thanks Ray for all the effort that you have put in. Waiting for next Saturday in earnest. The content is priceless.

    Do you have any suggestions for making good speaking and presentation skills.

    Thanks for everything.

  5. Hi Manish


    There are a number of good ones around…T H Eker focuses on selling from the stage, learning for free from the TED Youtube talks and books is also a great starting point.

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