Money and Trade Management

BarroMetrics Views: Money and Trade Management

Sorry folks – personal issues, the Ultimate webinars, and setting up a new fund, means my time is more limited than usual. Under these circumstances, the blog tends to low man on the totem pole.

Next week, I’ll address the issues raised by Baz, Manish and Paul:

  • Baz:  Expectancy Return and Money Management
  • Manish: Position sizing and leverage
  • Paul: Not stops and Money Management

In the meantime……the Non-Farm is due tomorrow. I am going against consensus and am expecting a below consensus number (consensus 206K); and perhaps even outside the low of the surveyed range (175k). If the number does come out according to my expectations, what will be interesting is whether the S&P will continue its grind up despite growing bearish technicals and bearish news coming out of China and Europe.

My view has not changed: either long or out. But, the long conviction is starting to waver and move more towards just being out. Hasn’t quite got there yet. That’s why I am looking forward to tomorrow number so I can assess the response.

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