My Thoughts on America’s Birthday – Todd Cochran

My Thoughts on America’s Birthday – Independence Day July 4th 2008

by Todd Cochran, LA, USA

When asked for a few words about Singapore and/or my Singaporean experiences

as an American, my initial thoughts came rushing to the surface, and eventually those

impressions led to some deeper essence feelings. Singapore, for me, is much more than

an exotic location or an escape from my realities at home. It occupies a special place in

my mind not only because of its natural beauty but more so because of the friendships

and relationships I’ve developed there.

As a musical artist I’ve been told that I tend to speak somewhat abstractly about

relationships and how they influence my thinking. This said, I’m particularly inspired by

people who commit to living their dreams and those – who by following their

imaginations – give rise to the hopes of everyman. For this reason I believe that the most

significant part of my Southeast Asian experience has been to have gained a greater

understanding of what is truly universal, and along the way, I developed a special affinity

for the decorum, art, culture and cuisine.

The “American” feelings that I have when visiting Singapore are threefold;

identity, consciousness, and awareness.

The identity aspect of my being American has to do with my knowing that I’m

part of a living tradition. At the core of this living tradition is a meritocracy. And to this

meritocracy is attached the mandate that one must continually transform and improve the

system of which they are a product. While the notion of a nation of supposedly limitless

possibilities fills me with a sense of personal honor and humility, I am at the same time

mindful of the fact that the appreciation and assimilation, acceptance and equality of all

cultures within the American concept has been an ongoing struggle.

Today I am particularly conscious of the fact that while progressive and

amazingly brilliant in dozens of ways, the American global identity is in serious

disrepair, and the American image as “a known quantity” or “the stereotype” – if you will

–is in dire need of an update throughout the world. I am proud to be one of many many

Americans who share the consciousness that now is the moment to enter a higher state of

grace and become proactively involved in changing the negative perceptions. We must

replace the not so good with positive actions and responsible attitudes. To this degree,

the great act of global fusion by talented individuals, and the wisdom of focused

collaboration that can result in healing innovation for the planet, will not reach its true

power until the river of ideas flow freely with empathy and humanness.

At this time my awareness is very heightened whenever I leave America to visit

another continent, another tradition, another family. While I stand on the shoulders of

my ancestors and muse on the enlightenment of my predecessors, I carry forward the

experiences of my heritage. It is with this awareness that I look forward to the nextmeeting ground, uninhibited conversations and expanding the boundaries. 


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  1. Thank you, Todd, for a beautiful piece, be it late.

    Wishing you all the best in your forthcoming compositions for the movie soundtracks like scoring a feature film documentary called “1,001 Lights”.

    ANA aka IDIT
    Ag Moderator

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