Nature of Trends Wiley Edition – A Review

Today I have posted a review by a student and friend on my book Nature of Trends, Wiley Edition. By the way, my self-published edition has been withdrawn from sale. The Wiley edition is available from Amazon.



As an STCer of Ray Barros, I could finish reading the new book within 24 hours and comprehend well what was written initially for his mentor students in 2004.
THE NATURE OF TRENDS – Trading Success 1- Ramon Barros 2004, has 6 chapters and a smaller book volume.

THE NATURE OF TRENDS –Strategies and Concepts for successful investing and trading – Ray Barros (Wiley 2008), has 7 chapters, of which two new chapters on Entry & Trade Management and Effective Money Management & Winning Psychology were added while Formulas for Constructing chapter was omitted.

I have found the new book revised to cater to easier reading and comprehension for the general traders as well as newbies who are not familiar with BarroMetrics or some understanding of Ray Wave. Still, it is not easy reading as it is full of traders jargon and technical analysis. However, for those who aspire to trade well, reading widely and attending trading courses will eventually help in understanding most of what was written.

Ray has been studying since the day he started trading , but he found an edge in his trading seven years later on under the pupilage of Pete Steidlmayer (the father of Market Profile) who has a great influence in his trading analysis . To this day, after almost 3 decades of trading, Ray is still learning, reading widely all the trading books he can find/buy. For your information, he is the only person I know who has to rent a place to store and catalogue his books as in a library, in HK.

However, to trade with an edge and to adopt all the tools of analysis used by Ray would require an in-depth study over a course/courses of study under him.

As his students are aware, it is not just for any one who can afford his mentorship fees who will be accepted. He selects 5 mentor students per annum after a careful screening of the students’ attitudes and sense of commitments to succeed.

It is no wonder there are potential students queuing up to be accepted as his mentor students in spite of his high fees to mentor and hand-hold for 2/3 years each mentor student.

Under the chapter on Effective Money Management & Winning Psychology, I was pleasantly surprised to see in print the results of a joint competition that I persuaded Ray to be my partner when I came across the Daniels Forex Futures competition in June/July 2007 which allowed two joint contestants for entry.

We were placed in top positions many times but on the final day, placed second, losing out by just over 1%. It was not so much about winning the competition as participating to test his methodologies in the real-world of trading. The results shown in the attachment prove that the tools in Ray’s book do produce good results if and when applied properly and free from the ‘rat brain ‘ syndrome.

I would recommend this new book to all traders, especially to students of BarroMetrics and Ray Wave, to buy this book and study it as your bible of trading well.

The first edition by Ray is harder to comprehend and by reading the second edition by Wiley press, I personally find the reading and comprehension go hand in hand after reading both.

Daniels FXFutures Trading Results

Daniels Trading Results

Anna Wang

STC Student

November 11, 2007

One thought on “Nature of Trends Wiley Edition – A Review”

  1. I wish to add that although I can claim to understand 80% or so of The Nature of Trends, by reading over and over again, that extra 20% of ‘aha’ comes from being a mentor student.

    When going over a topic or lesson, the finer points or nuances stare me in the face which only long trading experiences could have seen.

    Therein lies the advantage of being mentored.

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