Night Off

Hi All

I am taking a night off. A hectic weekend schedule and five hours in dental surgery have taken their toll.

I’ll write an extra one tomorrow morning to get back on schedule.

4 thoughts on “Night Off”

  1. Yes, the weekend ATIC traders convention and nightly dinners hosted by Nextview have been exhilerating but exhausting.

    With hardly time to recover from the exhaustion, you are wanted by BBC and CNBC early this morning at their studios to pick your brains on the market.

    Then you have to sit out 5 hours with your dental surgeon!

    Even a superman has to recharge,Ray…you deserve a long good rest.

  2. PS

    But it was rewarded when you walked out of the surgery.

    The staff recognized you on CNBC repeat all day and even asked for your autograph.

    You are now as good as a Hollywood celeb!

  3. hello ray: i’m working my way along on “the nature of trends” and find it an enlightening read. of course i know it’ll take several reads before i”get it” or at least some of it. which brings me to the topic of your blog.
    why not come to the us?. i checked the price of your two day seminar in singapore and while affordable,even for me. the airfare and hotel made all the diference. here you could make the seminar affordable and the airfare, for most, would not be prohibitive.i’m sure most readers of dr brett would attend. and in the end, if it seems to be too unprofitable a venture, you can cancel.

  4. Hi Leon

    The problem for me is to find a partner in the US to do the logistics. Once you add his share for organizing, my airfares and accommodation, you have to raise the prices considerably.

    Remember too that the Singapore seminar is aimed at the giving those that have yet to win consistently a solid foundation. Hence we are not talking about my teaching Barros Swings, Market Profile or Ray Wave,

    If someone in the US would like to give organizing a seminar a run, I’d be more than happy to participate

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