ORSS is Live!

BarroMetrics Views:  ORSS is Live!


ORSS is live! To register, go to:




The offer encompasses:

  1. Instrument Selection video (FX) .
  2. ORSS Instrument Selection Pdf
  3. ORSS Method-Excel video. 
  4. ORSS Barros Pivots Template
  5. ORSS Method-Market Analyst video. 
  6. ORSS Market Analyst pdf
  7. ORSS Checklist. Mind and Money video
  8. Psych Journal Excel Template.
  9. Turtle Contracts Excel Template
  10. 4 weeks email support (first 50 receive 6 weeks)
  11. 4 weeks of weekly videos showing my application of ORSS

Given what ORSS delivers, and the support you receive,  at SGD887.00, this is a great value product. Remember the offer closes midnight, Friday, October 10. And, the offer won’t be repeated.

BTW…..don’t forget, your bonus downloads are at:


Thanks again for all who sent in comments and emails.

2 thoughts on “ORSS is Live!”

  1. Hi Ray,
    When I attended Andrea Ungur Master Class (1 day – less than SGD500), he shared with us 2 Opening Range breakout trading systems (day trading) with good Monte Carlos simulation results.

    Opening Range breakout trading system is mechanical, which can be implemented easily and automaticaly by MT4/5 platform EA.
    – good for newbie!

    1. Do your OR-SS comes with the MT4/5 platform EA, so that the traders have no excuse for not having positive expectancy? 🙂

    2. Just curios, do you test the OR-SS with Monte Carlos simulation?
    (Andrea used that to examine his trading systems)

  2. Hi CW

    Thanks for the questions.

    I want you to be sure you understand ORSS is an end of day system.

    Turning to your questions…

    1) No need for MA, you can use MT4. In fact, if you know how to code, you can use MT4 to create what you need.

    2) It’s about 10 times p.a. per instrument.

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