Our Blind Spots

BarroMetrics Views:  Our Blind Spots

….and What to Do About Them

Talk about synchronicity!

On Good Friday, I was clearing space from my hard drive, deleting some old articles and keeping others. In the process I re-read this excellent article by Rande Howell on The Blind Spot that Sabotages Our Trading.

We all have our blind spots. The key is to first be aware of them, and then to find a process to bypass or rewire them. Rande suggests mindfulness. And, while I know that does work for me, I have always felt that this solution, was only part of the missing puzzle.

Then, that same day I bought and completed “The Rise of Superman” by S Kotler. In my view, one of the most significant contributions to the science of personal improvement.

I’ll do a review later in the week. But in this blog, I want to link the problem of ‘blind spots’ to Kotler’s theme: how to use ‘flow’ to increase the performance in our own lives.

Kotler reviewed the research on the top action and adventure sports athletes to identify how these attained ‘flow’ to achieve the impossible. He then builds a bridge from ‘them’ to us.

In the process he examines the “Flow Triggers”:

  1. Outer
  2. Inner
  3. Social

And in so doing,  he provides solutions to our blind spots that include, and go, beyond mindfulness.

By the way, if you are into Kindle Books, note that Amazon has two versions, one a March 2014 update (?), and older version (?). The older (?) version, from Amazon, is US$5.99; the update (?) is US$10.99. The print copy appears to have only the older version (paperback from US$10.86; Hardcover US$17.72 plus shipping).

I bought the older Kindle, so I am unsure what new data the other edition brings to the table.


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