Pleasure and Pain

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The ebook will be out September 30.

This week, I was asked what was the best book I have read on motivation. I must admit to having a love of reading, and, as a result, I do cover a lot of ground. You’d think I have difficulty nominating just one.

Nope, the best one is Jason Gracia’s The Motivated Mind. He provides a structured approach to getting things done. And, he has insights not available anywhere else.

For example: what are the elements of overcoming procrastination? Most authors say: The pleasure of success needs to outweigh the pain of action. 

Gracia takes the view that what is needed is this: (The Pleasure of Success and the Pain of Inaction must outweigh the Pleasure of Inaction and the Pain of Action).

The book is littered with gems and insights. Well worth a read. Best of all you can grab a second-hand copy for $0.58 from Amazon. New costs more, prices range from USD 28.15 to USD 32.71 (The Motivated Mind)

For the Amazon review lovers, attached are some comments from Amazon readers.

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