BarroMetrics Views:  Potpourii

Gold: John Mauldin has an interesting article on Gold. See  That-was-the-weak-that-worked. This is a long article that is well worth a read!

FOREX:  A number of subscribers to my newsletter asked if the Currency Strength Meter is free.

Yes go to megatrendfx.com/additional-forex-indicators/currency-strength-meter-indicator

S&P: The QE inflows were weakest at the beginning of the month. So, the decline on Jan 13 was expected.

It was also expected to see the entire decline on Jan 13 reversed within two days – par for the course if the QE connection is still in play. But, since then, the S&P has stalled at old highs.

My view: the S&P needs to get a move on up tonight or else the bears will have their turn at bat. If that happens, let’s see what they can do. But, first the bulls have to fail today and that probably won’t happen. We’ll see.

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