QE, S&P & History II

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In “Blood in the Streets“, Lord Rees-Mogg and Davison, make the point that economic prosperity is dependent on certain social and economic structures that exist when one power has a monopoly over a ‘force’, e.g. gunpowder, atomic material etc. When that power is diffused, the structures break down as a host of competing economic and/or military blocs arise.

The authors took the view that the US was just starting its decline at the time of their writing (1988). My major take away from their thesis was as a power declines certain social clues can be seen. One of these is the emphasis on the protection of the state at the expense of the individual

The authors were wrong about the starting date of the decline. The Reagan (with a slight pause) revolution extended by Clinton, delayed the decline. Bush and now Obama have confirmed it.

We are ‘lucky’ that the Snowden affair  has shown just how much US influence has declined and how much  the US Government has supplanted the Founding Fathers’ preeminence of individual rights with the preeminence of  the state.

Coupled with the magnitude of QE, the clues are signs that we’ll see a strong move down in US Stocks.

2 thoughts on “QE, S&P & History II”

  1. For those who believe in Revelation …

    Jul 19, 2013
    Obama Administration Continues to Doom U.S.A.


    The Obama Administration and its lackeys in the U.S. Congress are continuing to seal the doom of the United States of America by supporting Israel’s worst enemies – the Muslim terrorist organizations. In fact, America is proving to be Israel’s worst, most treacherous enemy, because she hypocritically claims to be Israel’s ally while stabbing her in the back by pressuring her to give her land away to the Palestinians and supporting Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood (the parent organization of Hamas) and governments controlled by those who have vowed Israel’s annihilation.

    The Bible clearly prophesies that nations who are against Israel will be destroyed (Zechariah 12:9). It also prophesies that the main nation that treacherously comes against Israel will be annihilated by “fire” from Heaven (a comet exploding in the atmosphere above North America). For details, read the essay, “Who is Modern Babylon?”

  2. “If you were smart in 1807 you moved to London, if you were smart in 1907 you moved to New York City, and if you are smart in 2007 you move to Asia.”
    ~ Jim Rogers

    (It was prophesized that Singapore is the Antioch of Asia.)

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