Ray on Riding Volatility @ Capital Tower for Phillips Securities

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The talk yesterday was sponsored by Phillips Securities @ Capital Tower.  As it was a Saturday, it was gratifying to see a good turnout to listen to Ray Barros, who is a popular invited speaker in the Singapore trading circuit.

While  some in the audience have heard Ray speak on many occasions, there were many who heard him for the first time although they were familiar with his face,  as he is often on CNBC as a guest presenter.

There emerged at this presentation one tiny  discourtesy interrupting the opening address of the speaker which is not only annoying to others but an exhibition of bad manners.  I have been to some presentations by Western speakers and this kind of display of bad manners would have resulted in the expulsion of the attendee by the speaker.

Some of our attendees need to learn how to comply with some basic courtesy to a speaker without interrupting while the speaker is presenting his talk.  After the presentation during Q&A, would be the appropriate moment to field questions to the speaker without interrupting the trend of thought of the speaker.

Apart from this instance  of display of bad manners,  the audience  participated whole-heartedly at the session with good humour.

Here are some video clips of the session to share.

Vittorio speaks


Sherly speaks


Jasmine speaks


Ann C speaks


Singapore  Inflation










What moves markets


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