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I haven’t done this for a while; so, it’s a great time to review the services I use.

Rob Hanna’s Quantifiable Edges”

Rob is a swing trader who uses quant studies for his method. His style and mine could not be farther apart. But, I find his studies useful and robust. Great value for money.

Jason Goepfert’s “Sentimentrader

I use this mainly for Jason’s “Smart and Dumb” Money sentiment indicator. But there is a lot more on his site including quant studies, trading models and seasonality studies. Again good value for money.

Steve Breise’s Insider Capital 

Steve does a good job on interpreting the COT data. Sometimes, this approach provides an advance warning of a possible change in trend.


Finally I’d like to take the opportunity to give Steve Vinson of Insider TA a huge rap.

Many years ago I bought InsideTA for its excellent ‘volume candlesticks ‘ module. Volume candlesticks have volume as the horizontal axis rather than time. This allows the trader to obtain a different perspective to the normal chart where volume is a separate chart at the bottom of the screen.

So, why am thanking Steve?

I bought a new PC and wanted to move my Insider Trader software to it. I found that I had misplaced the original box with manual and disk. Steve was kind enough to provide a replacement disk for the cost of the postage . That was unexpected! Thanks Steve for your generous assistance.

By the way, the software package has a demo that has many of the  features in the program. It is, however, restricted to the demo files.

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