Speaking at CMC Event Aug 4

I”ll be speaking at an event sponsored by CMC-Share Investor:

  • August 4 2013, 10:30 to 1:00 PM
  • Level 4, Invest Fair Exhibition Hall, Seminar Room 5

For details of the talk, go to http://sg.invest-fair.com/free-seminars and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

To register, please write to: clientmanagement@cmcmarkets.com.sg

Note that the event is restricted to CMC clients.

Post event :



CMC room @ /ShareInvest


6 thoughts on “Speaking at CMC Event Aug 4”

  1. But I am not a client of CMC Markets. -:(

    a. Is it useful to read Mind Over Markets (by Jim Dalton)?

    b. If the market really alternates between range expansion and range contraction’ is it true that it is traded best using the Market Profile principles
    – as claimed by Linda Bradford?

    c. Shoule we use Price-Volume Distribution instead of Market Profile?

  2. Hi Paul

    a) Yes and no. Market Profile had at least 3 versions – Traditional, Steidlmayer Distribution, ‘Cap Flow’.

    Jim’s book is still ‘THE’ book for traditional Market Profile – but is of not much use for the other variations.

    b) I think so.

    c) I am not sure what this question means since the Steidlmayer Distribution does use Volume.

  3. Hi Ray,
    a. Could you elaborate on the 3 versions?

    Also, pros and cons of each of them.

    b. Could we trade profitably, consistently by using only Market Profile principles, that can be codified into automated trading?

    If possible, I would like to pay to attend such a course. 🙂

    c. I thought the “original” Market Profile use time slots for the horizontal axis without reference to the bid/ask/transacted volume?

    Steidlmayer Distribution use Volume, a separate chart or superimposed on the traditional Market Profile?

  4. Hi Paul

    I appreciate your questions, but to answer a) and c) adequately would take a small book.

    So far as b) is concerned, I’ll send you the info if I should decide to teach the subject.

    The good news is thanks to the attendees at the final Singapore Mkt Pro seminar, BarroMetrics has come up with such an approach.

    Should we go public, you’ll be the first to know.

    all the best

  5. Hi Ray,

    Just a few last questions:
    1. Does Peter Steidlmayer now place the Price-Volume Chart side-by-side the Market Profile for trading analysis?

    2. If prices levels between POC & VPOC differ much, is there a potential good setup?

    3. Would the plotting of volume-weighted-average-price to see the differences between it and POC, and VPOC helpful?

  6. Hi Paul

    Thank you

    1) I can’t speak for Peter since I have not kept up with the Cap Flow variation.

    For me, the development of Volume Profiles by Market Delta led to the natural extension from TPO Zones to Volume Zones – Value Area High, Value Area Low etc.

    So for zones, I use the Volume Profile; but I still use TPOs to effect the Profile strategies.

    2) I don’t know, I have never looked at the relationships in that manner. Intuitively, I’d say no because the differences will be minimal.

    3) To what end? The POC (and VPOC) is effectively the mode and, using it, overcomes your objections to using the bell curve in skewed populations.

    An ‘average price’ is effectively ‘the mean’ and using it in this context brings in all the issues pertaining to skewed populations.

    I can’t see any use in looking at the differences.

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