Straits Times and All Ords

Here are the two other charts:

  • Straits Times
  • The All Ords

You’ll notice that I have dropped the Indian Sensex. With the readership from India dropping back to 0.16% of the total readership, I do not think it worthwhile continuing with that  index.


FIGURE 1   Australian ALL ORDS


FIGURE 2 Singapore Straits Times

10 thoughts on “Straits Times and All Ords”

  1. hi Ray,so it wasnt a data error on All Ords?Did i read wrong chart last week perhaps? I trade the SPI 200 maybe i got my wires crossed. I thought i quoted All Ords 500. Sorry if my info was wrong. Baz

  2. Well, Readers, let us be more pro-active or else these two charts may disappear from our radar screen, too!

    One way is to show our appreciation now and again by saying: Thank you, even if for some reasons we don’t comment.

    Thank you, Ray, for sharing with us your analyses, as always.

  3. Hi Ana

    Thanks for your comment. I am happy to post without comment although more comments would be appreciated – they are the only gauge I have to the relevancy of my posts to readers.

    I removed the Sensex because after an initial upsurge, we are back to averaging 3 to 4 readers from India. Since that is only 0.16% of the readership, it’s not worthwhile continuing with the chart.

    The US, Singapore have always been supportive. The Aussies are now not far behind the Singaporeans. Who knows, after the Expo in Sydney and interviews there, they may even nudge in front! (G)

  4. Ray,

    I don’t have that spike either? ASX
    did not show on the SPI (APU8) either.
    I do read your posts (check every day) but do not normally comment, but if your looking for comments….
    Thanks again I always respect your view.
    Would love to see the SPI commented on a regular basis.

  5. Hi Ray,

    Count me too. When I boot my machine I load 4 financial websites first thing: yours being one of them.

    I don’t normally posy comments however always appreciate your insightful posts every day.

    Anytime you’re at a Melb Expo I’d be glad to shout you a beer (I thought you’d be at the Expo this weekend here > but your name disappeared from the headline list posted oringally).

    Hope to see you at the next Melb investment/trading exhibition (we need some good content down here!).


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