Summing up HOS Sessions Todate

Cross ref up for Third Week Sessions

Tomorrow is Good Friday and as some may wish to take the long weekend off, sessions will resume next Tuesday.

For last night,  all students were expected to try to do the whole process of putting on an intraday trade of any major currency pair.  Here are video clips of students, many struggling with lack of confidence.

Student on his own

1 Period Swing

Ron’s analysis

Aileen’s analysis

Move on

Trying hard

Ray’s summing up

Gut feel

High/Low Probability trades

Majors/ Crosses of Fx

About QE2

Parabolic Move


1. This week’s sessions are learning periods for students

2.Many are still struggling with the basic foundation of the course due to :

3.Failure to focus on revising to internalize the basic principles taught

4.Not taking baby steps towards understanding course materials, recordings and video clips of their own performances

5.Information overload with extraneous materials read  instead of focusing on the course materials

6.Not giving themselves time to revise and learn in between nights of hand-holding sessions.


1.Cross currencies simply refer to currency pairs, or crosses, that do not involve the US Dollar.  As the US Dollar is the most heavily traded currency in the Forex market, one can think of cross currencies as being more obscure than the major currency pairs.

Behind the US Dollar, the Euro and the Japanese Yen are heavily traded and often held as reserve currencies by various nations.  As such, several Euro- and Yen-based crosses exist, including: EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, CHF/JPY, EUR/CHF (CHF being the Swiss Franc), EUR/CAD, EUR/AUD, and EUR/NZD.

2.Foundation reading is recommended and you have one ebook  specially written for HOS students:  please check at for A-Trading Compendium to BarroMetrics.

3.Make the best of the remaining 10 days or so to catch up on your reading, revisions and to ask relevant questions that are uppermost in your mind at next week’s hand-holding sessions while our mentor is still freely available to you.

Students of HOS should have received the link to the recordings  in the first week of April which has been updated each week and remains the same link for recordings.

These are my own observations and our mentor may comment or add more.

Have a Happy Easter weekend

Your well-wisher

Amb-Dame Anna

IDKIT,Ag Moderator

9 thoughts on “Summing up HOS Sessions Todate”

  1. During 18 Apr 2011 Live Session, I asked Ray whether we should have “non-quantifiable” goal, such as “confidence”. He did a case study on me.

    He identified my biggest problem and offered solution
    I just reviewed the video.
    Haha, this is to confirm that: he was spotted on!

    Only if he has told me at the very beginning of the seminar:
    Do not question, apply as taught, get comfortable, having certain amount of expertise, only then question – in order to be ready for success.

    But that would deny me the Pleasure of making excuse that … lol …

    Well, rather late than never learn at all!
    (Good excuse again lah!)

  2. Hi Anna,
    This week, Ray taught us about Pysche Journal.

    If I don’t enter a trade when I should (based on my trading plan/strategy), for the Rule-of-3, I will have a score of 0.

    If I have done an analysis and realised that I did not make an entry because I don’t want to be wrong;

    I discovered that I am a person who wants to be right in my analysis, my decision, my opinions etc. I want to avoid the PAIN of being wrong.

    Is there a systematic process for me to find out the root cause, and come out with a solution?

    Would that be covered in the Psychology video Ray is going to send out to the HOS 2011 participants?


    PS –

    If Trading Psychology is 60% in the success formula, even if I didt master what was taught during HOS 2011, hopefully, by understanding and dealing with the psychological issues, it may be my biggest gain in Year 2011?!

  3. PS –

    If Trading Psychology is 60% in the success formula, even if I didn’t master what was taught during HOS 2011, hopefully, by understanding and dealing with the psychological issues, it may be my biggest gain in Year 2011?!

  4. Idkit says:

    Short answer, is the best way is for you to have coaching.

    Yes, if you can get over your psychological hurdle, you are on the way to succeed.

  5. I observed the leaves, I knew the branches.

    At HOS 2011, I learned from Ray:
    Context, nothing but context (first)! ?:)

    I come to the market forest again.

    Slowly, I learn to:
    See the trees (oh this top is higher than that top) and the valley (oh this bottom is lower than that low);
    Hear the rustle of the leaves;
    Smell the flowers;
    Feel the flow of the breeze caressing the trees;
    Taste the fruits.

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