The Path To Success III

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In this blog, I’ll consider some ways to build new habits and break poor ones.

First, we need to understand that we need to view formation of habits as ‘moment to moment’ decisions, not a transformational event. To start building a habit, I’d look deeply into the ‘why’?. Ideally, the habit will fit our values.

Secondly, I build the structure of a habit to fit our daily lives. The habit structure is ‘Cue’, ‘Behaviour’ and ‘Benefit’. The cue is the stimulus that raises the behaviour we’d like. The ‘behaviour’ is want we’d like. And, when we execute the ‘behaviour’, we reward ourselves. The ‘cue’ is the key starting point. Find some daily action and anchor that to the desired behaviour. For example, the first thing I do when I arise is check my email. So, I can anchor ‘checking email’ with checking ‘GTC orders’, ‘Open Positions’ etc.

Thirdly, I’d log that habit as a set time on my calendar. I’d stick to the schedule even in a reduced way. For example, if I want to write a blog 3 times a week, and today I am time pressed to this, I’d, at least, write a paragraph.

Fourthly, I’d create an environment that supports the habit. For example with ‘check GTC’, I’d make sure I leave my desk tidy before heading for bed. (Tidiness is important to me).

Finally, I’d develop a bounce back plan. Allow for set backs; learn from them – how not to repeat the drawback, what to do differently next time etc, and reward myself when I get back on track.

So far as breaking an old habit, I’d remember it is more like replacing not breaking. The first consideration is to be aware – discover the ‘cue, behaviour and reward’; then create a new cue and new behaviour to provide the same outcome as the old habit.

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  1. Very useful sharing, thanks Ray!!

    I’ve heard of the 4Rs. Replace (with good habits), Remind (using triggers), Repeat, Reward. Pretty close to what you have shared too 🙂

    Thanks once again!

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