The Penultimate Session!

Owing to the long Easter Weekend recently, Ray feels he should make up for the loss of two sessions the students missed.  So last night was the penultimate session when he gave a brief lecture to cover the process of putting on a trade.  From the questions he put to them, some are still foggy about certain KRPs for example.

The last session will be held on Thursday night when we intend to close early so that the students can have some kind of party as initiated by cheeky student Paul Shew. If I know him, he has some surprise up his sleeves and we will certainly close the session with a Big Bang!

BTW Singapore is going to the polls on Saturday and I do not have to vote as my Tanjong Pagar GRC is a walkover under the leadership of  First PM Lee Kuan Yew, now Minister Mentor Lee.

Speaking of elections, did you know that our Mentor Trader Ray Barros entered politics in 1977 in the Australian GE?  He was standing for Macarthur constituency for the Workers Party, more a Tea Party philosophy of Ayn Rand unlike our  Workers Party.   To his surprise he garnered the highest votes among the Independents.   Not bad.  We should ask him why he gave politics up after this victory?  perhaps at the party?


Here are some video clips to help   fill the gaps of learning for  the students in their revision:

Tubbs Model


More on KRPs

On using MA6

On trend change


Neg dev , Contraction

Contraction setups

Setup bar

Simple v complex corrections

Normal volume v range


Conviction bars

On putting stops

ATR for day trades


Student Irene speaks on her take

IDkit aka Ana

Ag Moderator

6 thoughts on “The Penultimate Session!”

  1. So, the moral of the story is:
    Tomorrow, we shall not join ANY (political) party when we come together, but, to join THE party!

    Let’s party all the way …


  2. Hi Anna,
    After watching your videos, more questions came out.

    eg. If everything being equal, only that on the 15-minute chart, there are 8 bars that form a tight congestion range almost the same range as the PBZ, if there is a signal bar to long, should we wait for retracement (as some students did as mentioned in the video) before we take the long trade?

    To others who do not attend HOS 2011, these could be barb wire bars, also as Ray told us, the failure rate of range breakout is more than x%.

  3. Ray emphasizes looking at the context when we trade.

    Doing so could minimize the anchoring, coherent arbitrariness psychological effects?

  4. Idkit aka Ana says

    The Navy SEAL raid on Bin Laden proves :

    The amateur does it again and again until he gets it right.

    The professional does it again and again until he does not get it wrong.

    So it is in trading success.

  5. IMO, in both cases the end goal is to learn to execute the plan flawlessly like it is 2nd nature.

    If I understand correctly, the difference is an amateur tries to build that competency in live undermining risk whereas professional respects risk and tries to build that competency on sim/practice.

    Btw, ray/ana, thanks for posting the videos. I find them helpful.


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