The Ultimate Reason for Failure II

BarroMetrics Views: The Ultimate Reason for Failure II

In my last blog, I raised the reasons neurological research suggest are the causes of failures and the research’s prescription for success.

One hitch has arisen (which is the reason I did not publish Friday). It was pointed out that this topic is the subject of my presentation for CMI, Singapore, on July 19. If I write about the subject now, I may affect attendances. Fair enough, something I should have considered and did not. My apologies.

So, what I have decided to do, is to make available a video of the presentation after July 19 to anyone who registers their interest (I only want to make it available to those who care enough to register).

I’ll be making registration available within the week. One point, because of the terms of my agreement with CMI, if you register, I need to disclose your details to them. Trust you understand. 

What I can say at this stage is the component of learning, and applying, ‘mind, money and method’ is only part of stage 3. In other words, there are 4 other stages most traders fail to apply in their quest for success.

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Reason for Failure II”

  1. Oh Man i was so looking forward to the answer all weekend. I still have probs in this area.
    I have tried letting profits run only to find next day they have run away. My solution was to automate my trailing stop on a lower timeframe using a trade manager program. I used to get so angry at myself because, they say let profits run, cut losses short and the other saying was dont let a profit turn into a loss. So if we take a trade based on high probabilities, how do we know if its a high probability to continue, at what point does the high probability diminish. Then at what point does it register in our brains to exit. So for sure i would like to register for the video,thank you, cheers Baz

  2. Hi Baz

    My approach is to assess the market conditions and make a judgment on what it ought and ought not do.

    I also use the rule of 3. Since your question takes it outside the July 19 material, I’ll do a blog tomorrow on the topic tomorrow.

  3. Baz:”…how do we know if its a high probability to continue…”

    If we could continue to buy at the higher “Buy Zones” or sell at the lower “Sell Zones” as taught in HOS 2011? 🙂

    No wonder HOS 2011 is “value for money”? 🙂
    – for those who truly understand the “whys”!

  4. “The Ultimate Reason for Failure”
    – failing to understand the principle of capture some pocket money as well let profits run for every trade makes (as taught in HOS 2011)?

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