Thursday close for the Hand-holding Week

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TGIF!  Thursday night is the last hand-holding session for the week  for HOS students.

As I spoke with students privately,  there emerge some common denominators among many of the students.  Except for a minority who are role model students, the rest are having hiccups in spite of their attending religiously at the hand-holding sessions the past weeks.

As I reiterate in my recent  blogs,  it is more effective if students were to attend hand-holding sessions on alternate sessions rather than to squeeze into successive nights whenever there was a vacant seat.  Most are working during the day and the only time they can read, revise and come up with Q&As is the next night after attendance at hand-holding sessions.  I observe there are a few who attend all the hand-holding sessions whenever they can squeeze into  vacant slots,  which is all well and good, except that they have failed to devote the time to do their homework, an essential part to the learning process of HOS to inculcate good habits of success.

Having said this,  a few model students  have managed to show great progress  simply because they  have discipline  to take  baby steps to read, revise and constantly revise notes, recordings etc to grasp the basic principles taught at the HOS seminar.  There you are, the Coyle concept  about reducing  your learning process time is working,  if you apply what you are being taught by mentor Ray.

Here are more video clips to reinforce  revisions.

Focus on entry bar

Negative Development trade


Fine pointers on Stops

Buying on stop

Interview clip with Teng Yong

Interview with Vincent

Have a long good weekend with Labour Day on Monday.  However, hand-holding sessions for next week, the last week, will be on Monday and Thursday nights.

Your well-wisher.

Idkit aka Ana

Ag Moderator

8 thoughts on “Thursday close for the Hand-holding Week”

  1. Hi Ana,
    For me, from this Monday till today (everyday), my baby step was to look at the Forex Daily Chart (first) and to locate “X”! lol …

    Something very strange on Monday.
    After I have analysed the Daily Chart, suddenly there was a joy that came to me
    – not because I found a great setup
    – not because of joy of pride

    How to put it?
    May be it is the joy that a baby has when he starts to be able to take the baby-step to walk on his own feets?

  2. Idkit says

    Paul, congratulations on a newborn babe!

    If all of you were to be consistent in your revisions, we will surely see more newborn BABIES!

    Let’s see, next week, on the last two sessions.

    Bonne chance,l’etudiants.

  3. An analogy:
    If Ray was the Daddy, the HOS 2011 participants were his babes.

    Many times, no pain no gain.

    Daddy had to let the babes fell down painfully, but he was there to assure and encourage them to rise up again, to continue the learning process until they were able to walk steadily and to run confidently.

    After HOS 2011, daddy would not be there.

    But we have “big” (in terms of expertise, not age lah! LOL!) brothers and sisters (all the helpers) to help the babes.

    Ana is our “big sister” (Cantonese) right?

    A big thanks to Ray and all the helpers!

  4. IDkit aka Ana says

    You can say that Paul, a big happy family, hopefully!

    On a serious note, the babies must learn to keep the harmony by banding together after the hand-holding sessions are ended.

    You will get some guidance next week on how to work closely together under Class HOS Mar 2011.

  5. Many times in life, it just takes another baby step forwards to cross the threshold of success.

    For the baby, with the help and encouragement of the big brother & big sister, just by taking another baby step forwards, his life may never be the same again!

  6. Just now, I watched the video, Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God

    Beautiful things happen when a HOS 2011 learner trusts Ray Barros and him pushing the swing.

    Hey hey, do you believe that Barros Swings work? lol!

    But even Ray is not around, big brothers and big sisters are around to push the swing …

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