“Trading A Fundamental Event”

BarroMetrics Views: “Trading A Fundamental Event.”

Yesterday I posted a video about how to trade a setup I call ‘Trading A Fundamental Event’. The conditions are:

  1. There is a fundamental event capable of moving markets strongly in one direction e.g. Britexit
  2. The trader perceives that the market has mispriced the odds of a variation of the event e.g. the probability of a Britexit.
  3. The mispriced variation occurs.

In the video, I took the view that the polls and betting had mispriced either:

  • A Le Penn victory where she secured at least 40% of the vote, and
  • A Le Penn, Melenchon victory.

As it has turned out, I was wrong. The polls got it right; the May 7 run-off will be between will be between Macron and Le Penn (24%and 22% on votes cast as at 1:13 am BST).

The expected result produced a gap on the EUR and risk-taking currencies of around 200 pips.  A gap because the results started coming out while the FX markets were closed.

As far as my trading is concerned, no gain, no loss. I did not get the scenario I needed to trigger a trade. To round off the series, we’ll be producing another video on May 7. But, you will need to leave your contact details to received the follow-up.

16 thoughts on ““Trading A Fundamental Event””

  1. Follow up? Yes please! Such a small difference in the winners votes and so many votes to be transferred from the first round losers. Looks like the market is underestimating the risk.

  2. Hello Ray,

    I did receive a copy per email account on Android phone. Thank you and what a Gentleman! I had a real kick seeing your message on my visit to your blog!

    Best Regards


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