Trading Success: A Learned Skill

BarroMetrics Views: Trading Success: A Learned Skill

“I don’t learn that way! Just tell me and I’ll remember it!!”

Clearly I was pushing my nephew, Ari, way past his comfort zone. He was no longer hearing my words but instead his whole focus was on the discomfort he was feeling.

This was last Saturday –  during session 4 of the trading course I am giving.

Rather than give in, I tried a NLP Pattern Interrupt, and then held a mirror for him to face:

“Look mate, 90% of  those that take this class ask what you are asking. Just like 90% of your class mates fail to make the top 10% of the class. The 10% push through. Do you want to be among the 10% who succeed or among the 90% ‘also-rans’?

Risky, I admit. But Ari is family and comes from good stock.

I could hear him take a deep breath, then start to listen to the problem I was posing. I am proud to say that Ari made the connection. I knew he had the brains to do it. The question was, did he have the courage? He showed me he did.

Ari did better than many of my students. Many, perhaps, too many, prefer to stay within their comfort zone and continue to do that which has not brought them any closer to their dreams. They prefer to stay within their cosy environment than to take the action necessary to succeed.  Sure, they may give plausible reasons for not trying but  here’s the rub…..

….trading is a learned skill. Learning by definition means discomfort as we stretch to new and unfamiliar tasks.  If there is no discomfort, there is no learning.

So how about you? Are you making a commitment to succeed? Do you move from freebie to freebie, hoping to acquire the skills without paying for an education?

How many doctors do you know who learned their profession attending only freebies?

Or do you pay for seminar after seminar, not learning anything from them? Looking for a quick and easy way to become rich quickly?

Or do you:

  • Research the education on offer
  • Attend and participate
  • Study and practise after the seminar to integrate the knowledge
  • Apply the integrated  knowledge so that the results you obtain are stepping stones to vision and goals?

Are you doing whatever it takes to succeed? Or are you coming up with reasons for not succeeding? Do you want the success or do you want the reasons?

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