TRT Seminar on Oct 29 2010

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For your information, Seats are limited to 30. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

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Discipline – How to Acquire It; How to Maintain It


Mr. Ray Barros


Understanding the Nature of Discipline

  • Why Will Power is Not Enough
  • The Rider and Elephant Analogy
  • Not Knowing What We Don’t Know – Our Governing Default Futures
  • Tools to Uncover and Change our Default Futures.
  • The Coyle Model and Our Default Futures
  • Traders Winners Bible
  • Emotional Transformation
  • Uncovering Our Hidden Drivers and The SCARF model
  • The Ultimate Success Formula


The 3-session presentations will adopt the learning model in which concepts are explained, then an example is shown, and finally you will be asked to design each step of the new material. In this way, you will have at the end of each session, the new wiring that will lead you to your path of greater consistency. With this new wiring, you need only do the homework in preparation for the next session for the wiring to grow and take hold.




29th Oct 2010 (Friday)

19:00 hours – 22:00 hours

6th Nov 2010 (Saturday)

14:00 hours – 16:00 hours

12th Nov 2010 (Friday)

19:00 hours – 21:00 hours

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4 thoughts on “TRT Seminar on Oct 29 2010”

  1. Hi Ray,

    Just flagging my interest if you ever consider presenting your “Discipline – How to Acquire It; How to Maintain It” seminar online as a webinar in the future.

    It’s a very important topic in my view and one that I struggle with like most people.

    Thanks Paul.

  2. Hi Paul

    Thank you for your interest.

    Unfortunately my past attempts to hold webinars have proven to be commercially unviable.

    It is unlikely I shall be holding this as a webinar any time soon.

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