Update on The US$ and Bonds

Again a short blog – just off the plane from Hong Kong to Singapore.

The DX (US$ futures) appears to have topped. On Monday, I’ll examine the shorting prospects and zones on a retracement.

Bonds may have completed their wave 2 leg up. Next week, I’ll look at the prospect of taking a short position.

2 thoughts on “Update on The US$ and Bonds”

  1. Just a comment on the observation from the Money Show ( DX universal consensus)

    When has a room full of individuals with a universal consensus ever been right? At the very least…it will not play out as they expect…

    If it were that easy….

  2. My fault

    I should have said the universal consensus among the speakers rather than ‘universal consensus’.

    The speakers are opinions of those I respect. They all called the S&P top. Sometimes the majority are right.

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