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Nothing to do with trading or finance today. Occasionally, I come across an offer that I’ll pass on, simply because I consider it great value. Today is such a day.

But first: Happy July 4 to all my US readers!

Those who know me, know that I am passionate about improving my skills. Many moons ago, I adopted Mindmapping. I apply this skill to all areas of my life – reading, memory, planning, etc.

Last year I took a course called Mindmap to Kanban by Faizel Mohidin.

You’ve never heard of Kanban? At the time, neither had I. But, with Mindmap to Kanban, I learned and am now applying it daily. It’s has improved my personal effectiveness by 50% or more. If you want to learn more about personal Kanban go to:

Figure 1 has an overview of the course contents.

Faizel has gone on to develop quite a few other programs. Another I took was his Learning Management Program. Again I found it useful and beneficial. Figure 2 for course contents.

So why am I telling you all this?

Faizel has a special offer open to Thursday – all his courses (USD 1282.00) for USD 279 (4.61:1 Reward: Risk!)

  • 6 Week MMK High Performance Coaching ($497 Value)
  • MMK High Performance System ($197 Value)
  • Learning Management Program ($197 Value)
  • Personal Business Model ($97 Value)
  • Worker’s Guide to Using Mind Maps ($97 Value)
  • Premium Webinars ($197 Value)

To view the offer, go to

If you have questions, please write to Faizel at

Usual disclaimer: I am not an affiliate and don’t receive a commission if you sign up. I’m recommending the offer because I have taken two of the courses; I consider the $297 great value.

FIGURE 1  MindMap to Kanban

FIGURE 2 Learning Management

9 thoughts on “Using MindMaps”

  1. Hi Ray, may I ask what mind mapping software do you use, and is it cloud based or just one you install on your machine.

    Thanks. Paul.

      1. Thanks Ray, I just bought the pack!

        Great discount so thanks for posting about it. Always appreciate your study recommendations.

        Look forward to getting into it.


  2. Hi Ray , so how does this fit in with ACT.
    I watched Faizel’s video and it looks like it’s about success, productivity , happiness etc.
    Very much like ACT.


    1. Hi Mitchell

      Thanks for the comment.

      The course I completed had more to do with productivity – the tools to what I call the left-brained aspects of ACT: goal planning and execution. I can’t speak about the right-brain aspects ACT. Now that I can access all his courses, I’ll post when I have completed them

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