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  1. Hi Ray, Very interesting material, i was aware of some of the concepts from reading your book.
    Tubbs model, Midas, Vic trendline Whisper numbers are redundant now ??
    My struggle is to correctly ID the patterns,it makes sense to me after the fact but during ,Im just plain dumb or maybe more mechanical inclined.
    But i really do enjoy it, its fascinating and challenging . I had some nebulous thoughts on how i might overcome my difficulties and they were, things like a Template for patterns and a check list also the use of colours changing as mean is exceeded ie so you could flick thru the timeframes and if the latter portion of the Barros swing ,say has turned red it maybe a heads up that the pattern on that timeframe is about to change. just thinking out loud. cheers baz

  2. Hi Baz

    Thanks for dropping by.

    For Ultimate:

    1) Tubbs Model – same as Wyckoff
    2) TraderVic Trendline still using for Normal CIT early entry.
    3) MIDAS still using as supplementary tool.

    I don’t use the 1-d swing. If you use geometric timeframes where the trading is divided by 5 for each level, generally, 1 period swing in an immediately higher timeframe = a 5 period in the next lower.

    For example in FX, the intraday timeframes are 290-min, 60-min and 15-min.

    A 1-period swing in the 290-min is about the same as 5-period in the 60-min.

    Perhaps you will find it easier to see 5-period patterns since you see them setting up.

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