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Here is the Video 4 link:

In this video, I show Ultimate’s trade management.

Also, I promised those who wrote in, a decision on making available, the mechanical system, Opening Range Swing System (ORSS). I mentioned in video 1 that I had intended ORSS only as a bonus to Ultimate attendees. But, the interest you have shown has been huge, hence the postponed decision.

I have discussed the issue with my partner, Peter Ow, and have decided to release it to you. I need to finalise some details so the launch will be tomorrow. Here is the link to the launch (effective tomorrow which means only click on link tomorrow):

The offer is open for a week and won’t be repeated.

Finally tomorrow’s link will also contain bonuses to Ultimate’ method. It was impossible to do justice to Wyckoff and the Market Profile in a short video. So, tomorrow the bonuses will be:

  • Basic Auction Market Trading Concepts for Winning Trades (Market Profile). Auction Market Theory is one of the foundational elements of the Profile.
  • Stock Market Trading, the Wyckoff Method.
  • Wyckoff Market Analysis.

Tomorrow, just click on today’s link to access:

Finally, I want to thank Paul, Baz, Sorin and Joshua for commenting on the blog. I also want to thank those who emailed – though I would prefer you post your comments to the blog.  Nevertheless, thank you for taking time out to drop me a line.

6 thoughts on “Video 4 Link”

  1. Hi Ray,

    Thank you for releasing a very good series of videos with a lot of content.

    I had not previously heard of Andrew Menaker so I looked up some of his webinars. One thing that I he mentioned really rang true to me as it is something I have had to contend with myself in my spiritual/psychological journey.

    One of the people he coaches was not getting results from one his recommended methods (let’s say it was visualization as an example).

    His answer was you have to find what works for you e.g. mindfulness, exercise or whatever.

    The dilemma is of course what to try, when to try something else etc.

    There always seems to be new research coming out and so on.

    Knowing that you are always looking to see how you can improve I was hoping that you might share your thoughts on the above and if you have any suggestions on how to handle the choices that need to be made.

    Maybe anything is better than doing nothing?


  2. Hi Ray, I thank you for being allowed to participate in this blog. I try to ask questions which may help stimulate thinking and increase participation from other punters too. This site is a gem. Your knowledge and integrity are first rate. I too wish all the people that email questions , would post here, it would benefit all readers to have an active blog.
    I think its a pity the mechanical system offer is only for 1 week. Why it cant be a regular product you sell on your site ,like the book.
    All the best cheers Baz

  3. Hi Chris

    That’s a Guardian Knot question.

    For me it’s doing research on the educator and seeing whether his stuff resonates. Nowadays, educators usually have enough material on the net so you can form a view.

    For example: I like Rande Howell’s questions. I like that his idea that first and foremost, emotion is a biological response.

    I am less comfortable with his Jungian Archetypal solutions.

    So, while I will buy his books, I am unlikely to spend on the courses involving the archetypals.

    I not saying his approach does not work – merely saying it probably won’t work for me because the approach does not resonate.

  4. Hi Baz

    Thank for the comment.

    As for ORSS open for a week….. the problem is, a course, is not a book.

    When I make a course available, I see it my responsibility to ensure the trader fully understands the material. Hence the 4 weeks and 6 weeks question time; the 4 weeks of videos.

    Indeed the email and 4 weeks of videos was a compromise with holding coaching webinars.

    We had a choice of keeping your investment down on the one hand, and on the other, asking for a higher contribution for a course that included coaching webinars.

    We decided to bring the offer to the lowest we could, bearing in mind what my time is worth, and the value the package delivers.

    For these reasons, I was unwilling to leave the offer open for more than a week.

    The offer is an acceptable compromise for me of making available a quality package at great value to the trader – with a quid pro quo that the trader needs to make up his mind whether or not he wants it.

  5. Hi Ray,

    I don’t post a lot on this blog but I never miss a blog post, for almost 2 years when I first found it. The information you put here is really unique in the trading world.

    Thank you,

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