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An Ultimate student sent me this clip.




To fall, to not give up, to get up and commit to win – that’s what life if all about. It’s obvious that Heather Dorniden had prepared for this race. But, it was her commitment that saw her through. How does your commitment to your own success compare?



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  1. Hi Paul

    What you day is true in a competition where there is only one winner.

    But, this is not the case for traders.

    I have yet to see a truly committed trader fail.

    As far as the other questions are concerned, I’d need to write a book on the subject, or make it the subject of my next presentation.

  2. hi Ray,
    2nd, 3rd are not winners? 🙂

    Your presentation of this subject will certainly be “Value for Money”, or rather:

    “Value for Free!”



  3. Hi Paul

    I know you are kidding. But, there’s an important point to be made.

    From a competitive angle, e.g. the winner of the 100 sprint in the Olympics, there can be only one gold medalist – one winner.

    But for a personal viewpoint, 2nd and 3rd may be winners – e.g. they surpass their personal best.

    It’s important we keep the perspective in mind whem assessing our victories.

    As for ‘Value for Free’ -unless someone sponsors the event, that won’t happen (G)

  4. “I have yet to see a truly committed trader fail.”
    – So, attending, participating and passing out successfully a “Commitment Camp” is truly a must and value for money for newbie traders!

  5. Possible implications of Ray’s statement,
    “I have yet to see a truly committed trader fail. “:

    1. There are 3 aspects of successful trading: Human Being (spirit, mind,
    emotion, will power,body),methods/strategies and money management.

    The pre-condition and “secret” to successful trading is the trader himself/herself:
    Commitment to trading success!

    2. Only by commitment, the trader will commit to overcome weaknesses, optimize/improve strengths, find the methods/strategies
    that suit him/her, use the right money management that align with the
    market conditions … finding the right master traders to learn from.

    3. Only by commitment, the trader will be commit to be a consistent “do-er”
    – not merely head knowledge gainer, trading seminars participant, avid
    trading books reader …

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