Webinar August 2 and August 9

I’ll be holding a 90-minute mini version of the 4-day event (scheduled for August 29 & 30; September 5 & 6):

  1. On August 2 at 7:00 am EST (7:00 PM Singapore time, 9:00 PM Sydney time) and
  2. On August 9 at 9:00 am EST (9:00 PM Singapore time, 11: PM)

The content on the two days will be the same. I am looking to accommodate the difference in  time zones by providing two alternate days of the same event.

The mini-webinars are free events

The purpose of the mini-webinars are to identify what we need to do to attain  trading goals. Despite advances in learning and trading technology, the number of traders succeeding is still around 10% to 20% i.e. 80% to 90% of traders fail. And this,  despite the fact that the roadmap for trading success has been clearly charted.

To succeed we need two types of awareness:

  • Self and
  • Market

The mini-events will provide the foundation for both: I’ll show what you need to know and to do to achieve your trading goals.

To register for the event go to:


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