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Monday, June 9, 2008

Today, I will be posting on behalf of our mentor the first Wham model taken from STC club with the kind permission of Peter Whitnall to share with readers here:

August 16 2007
Hi Clubmates.
I could discuss the WHAM trading model under a number of headings.
I will introduce some basic concepts and see what the response is.
A reasonably complete discussion would take some time.
I list the headings of the topic and present some comment on the first couple of points.
I show a couple of gifs illustrating the wham trend. when the wham trend is up the candles are green, when down they are red.
I have illustrated the same time period as show in TomW’s gif with my wham indicator.
I need to explain that for my trading this is one of my trading models. I use primarily still Rays Barros swing model, I use bollinger bands,
and the whAM tradingmodel. I do believe one can trade purely on this model but I am a discretionary trader and do not only use this model.
It can be the basis of a mech system if one wishes or its elements can be used as part of a discretionary trading system.
WHAM Trading Model.
1. What is the Wham trend.
2. Single and multidimensional Wham integration.
3. Barros swing equivalents of model.
4. Higher TF Biased Wham.

More at:

Wham model – Peter Whitnall

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