What It Takes To Succeed III

BarroMetrics Views: What It Takes To Succeed III

The next set of generic skills are the those of planning, executing and reviewing. Another name for planning is goal-setting.

Like ‘thinking’, there is a whole  genre of material in the printed pages. Names like ‘Bob Proctor’ and ‘Anthony Robbins’ have created fortunes by delivering material in this field. Just Google and you will see what I mean. The info is out there, you need only have the will to seek, learn and apply.

Goal-setting has its own circular of influence; the best goals are those set when we know:

  • Our Purpose – the reason we want what we want – and our best purposes are aligned with our values.
  • Our Mission – the description of what we’ll do for others when we achieve our purpose – a ‘you statement’
  • Our Vision -a description of what we will have and be when we attain our goals.

The review process is an essential part of our learning and thus our achievement process.  The importance of ‘review and correction’ has now been validated by research and enshrined by the ideas of Anders Ericsson. I have written about his ideas in this blog e.g. see “A Better Way to Learn“.

There is one last generic skill I’d like to mention before moving on: managing our finances. It’s all very to plan, execute and review for other areas; but if we don’t learn to manage our finances to the best of our ability. the success we deserve will elude us. And again, we can Google to see what’s out there. For example: Top Ten Books About Money

“Thinking’, ‘Planning’, ‘Executing’ and “Reviewing’ all essential skills in any area of life – not just for trading. In the next set of blogs, I’ll look at the particular skills mainly relevant only to trading. I say ‘mainly’ because there will  be some overlap between the generic and specific.

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