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In a way, I’ll be glad to get home on Saturday. In Singapore, time seems to evaporate in a series of meetings. I have more free time in Hong Kong; but then again, I do no business in Hong Kong. Ah well, something has to give. At least, I’ll have time to re-establish  my daily routine including updating this blog.

Much of  non-meeting time this week was taken up with making sure that my recent Habits of Success post seminar activities will run smoothly. Amazing what can go wrong: for example, you’d think that setting up Google Group would be relatively simple. But it’s only today that the Group finally has all the members receiving their posts. Enough reflection – let’s look at today’s topic.

It struck me as I reviewed the e-mail questions  how poorly served we are by our educational system. The Andersen-Coyle model now favoured as the best model for learning, is the antithesis of model used, at least in this part of the world. That model emphasises theoretical knowledge over the practical and ‘error-free’ learning. In trading this results in novice traders hopping from seminar to seminar hoping that this time, they will strike gold.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the content of some courses here would not result in training a successful trader no matter what learning model is used.  But that’s not the whole story. The problem is,  too many attendees fail to take the steps to learn the seminar content with an ’empty mind’. They come with ‘full minds’ and with an attitude: “I already know this!” rather than approaching it with a curious and open attitude. The result of this is the student-trader fails to glean little more than a superficial knowledge of the material.

I seek to ensure that attendees ‘hear what I mean’ by providing a video of my seminars and a 30-day question time: hence the Google group. In the past, there has been a flurry of e-mail in the first week; by the end of the third week, the e-mails are down to a trickle. In the past I used to think: ‘Oh great! They finally have it!’. But later I found, many had stopped asking questions because they had moved on to the next seminar.

I live in hope. I saw in the 2010 class some real triers. So, maybe it will be different this time; maybe because it’s the first time I have used the neurological discoveries to teach, I’ll prove to be a better motivator so that most of the attendees will do whatever it takes to succeed.

2 thoughts on “Whatever It Takes”

  1. ha ray, you shouldn’t be surprise of what happened.

    nothing has change especially in a group behavour. unless you are lucky that there is someone talented in your group of students.

    i hold my believe that successful traders cannot be teach but only to be discovered.

    sorry about that. cheers

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