You Must Expand Your Comfort Zone!

BarroMetrics Views: You Must Expand Your Comfort Zone!

What stops us from succeeding, in any endeavour?

For most us, the major cause is the reluctance (and perhaps even a downright refusal) to step outside our comfort zone.

No doubt about it today,  the data shows that uncertainty and anxiety reside in the ‘pain’ region of out brains. And, what could be fearful and anxiety provoking than trying something new?

At a recent presentation, I was speaking to a trader who has been losing an average of S$10,000.00 per month. I asked him why he did not do something different – something that might at least reduce the losses. His reply: “Even if I tried something new, there is no guarantee I’ll stop the losses. This way I at least know what my losses are likely to be. And who knows, perhaps the results will eventually change”. (!!??) So, even if I keep doing what I have always been doing, I may someday get a different result?

Classic rationale for  staying within one’s comfort zone.

So, the question that arises is how  we go about moving past our fears and expanding our comfort zone? In today’s blog, I am attaching an article by  Paul Counsel who suggests one way we can do this.


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