Habits of Success
(The Art and Science of Trading Success)


** A module for Newbies **

Trading success is a function of:

Winning Psychology (60%) x Effective Money Management (30%)
x Written Plan with An Edge (10%)

With this module, the newbie lays the foundation for his success. He learns why the greatest danger to his success is the impulse. He learns how to trace his own causes and learns how to minimize the occurrence and consequences of the unplanned trader.

The importance of this learning cannot be overemphasized. Very few traders bleed to death: you would bleed to death if you have a viable risk management plan, and if you have discipline. In fact, traders fail not because they lack a winning plan but through a lack of discipline (failing to follow their plan) and/or a lack of money management, newbies blow up.

Imagine then the confidence you would have to when you know that the discipline you need is right there are your fingertips waiting to be you to call upon it.

But, the benefits of the module do not stop there! The module has a unique money management approach that incorporates both sides of the brain: the logic and emotional.

Famed neurologist, Antonio D’Amasio, has shown that our best decisions come from an integration of our logic and emotions. But, if you look at most money management ideas and algorithms, you’ll see that they accentuate the left-brain but ignore the right brain. Yet such an approach leaves out one of the most important aspects of money management: the ebb and flow of our emotions as they relate to market decisions.

The ‘Ebb & Flow’ theory in this module shows you how to maximize your profits and minimize your losses by using your trading results AND your emotional cycles. No longer will you continue to increase your position sizes at a time when you should be decreasing them. Your profit margin will increase exponentially by applying the ideas in the module.

Finally, the module has a simple trading plan that has been proven to make money both in back-testing as well as real-time trading.

What you will get from this Video Package?

An e-book* and set of video of the seminar held at the Singapore Management University (SMU) on September 13 and 14 provides you with the tools to succeed:

  • It has a unique journal- keeping method that will provide laser focuses on the areas that need improvement and those areas that you repeat for maximum profitability.
  • It provides an effective equity journal and position sizing method.
  • It provides an effective plan with the following statistics:

     Avg Yearly Return on Capital :
     Avg Losing Streak :
     Maximum Losing Streak : 
     Avg Winning Streak :
     Maximum Winning Streak :
     Win Rate :
     Loss Rate :
     Avg Return % Initiating Price : 
     Avg Loss% on Initiating Price :
     Expectancy per trade : 
     Expectancy ratio :
     Avg # trade pa (7 instruments) :

Let us have a look at what the figures mean to you:

  1. You will double your money every 6 years.
  2. Your expected profit per trade will be 0.45% of the initiating trade price. For example:

  Let us say you trade only Gold and it remains in a range of US$900 for the whole year.
If you buy Gold at $910, you can expect to make on a one-contract basis, US$51.00.
Since you have 300 trades pa, you can expect to make on a one-contract basis: $300* 51 = US$15,300.00.        
  3. Your maximum loss will be (.4*900)*8 = US$2880
  4. Your average loss will be (.4*900)*4 = US$1440

And so on

Knowing the statistics is important because you will know whether the method is in ‘ebb or flow’ mode. Knowing this is important to maximize your profit and minimizing your losses.

In short, the seminar gives the newbie a holistic approach that builds the foundation to success. Based on this foundation, the newbie goes on to even greater success. This seminar gives you the opportunity to achieve your dreams.
* Free e-book normally retailing for US$37.00 : The Art & Science of Trading Success

What will Ray be teaching?

We are glad you asked. We have attached a brief outline of the seminar. Does the seminar represent value? I shall let you judge for yourself.

Comparable seminars in Singapore average S$3000.00 for two days.
Many cover only method instead of method + money management + psychological tools.
3. Those that do cover money management and psychology fail to approach the level of effectiveness of Ray’s approach.

Seminar Outline


Winning Psychology :       

  • Introducing the idea of journal keeping and the purpose of journal keeping.
  • Introducing the 3-1-0 method of journal keeping and providing a template.
  • Going through worked examples of journal keeping      

Effective Money Management :

  • Introducing the need for keeping trading records.
  • Introducing a template for trading records.
  • Explaining the difference between keeping records in dollar results and % of initiating price and explaining why each is necessary.
  • Going through worked examples of keeping records and demonstrating the automated spreadsheet for producing reports.


Plan with an Edge :

  • Introducing the foundation of technical analysis.
  • Introducing candlestick charting
  • Introducing the rules of the method: Trend identification, entry and stop loss, profit taking
  • The Trading Game: Simulated trading. The winners will be the persons who produce the best trading result AND keep the best equity and psychological journals.

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Equity Sheet Excel Template

An Excel Template is available that will automatically produce a report showing the profitability per instrument, monthly expectancy, yearly expectancy, number of trades, etc. etc. In other words, an automatic report with all the statistics you need.  The template comes with a learning video. Click to watch introductory video.