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It is almost a trading cliche and only 10% to 20% of market participants achieve their trading goals. Moreover, this is true not only of newbies but also experienced and well capitalised traders. For example, Long-Term Capital Management had under management over $8 billion and was run by experienced traders and Nobel Prize winners. Nevertheless, it failed.

Would you like to join the 10% to 20% who succeed?

In August, there will be a unique event providing you with information to enable you to do just that.

The roadmap for consistent profitability has been known since time memorial. It is contained in the equation:

Winning Psychology x Risk Management x Written Trading Rules

The event in August will provide cutting aged information on each of the three elements. It may be information that you have never heard of. For example, I was at a webinar the other day and the instructor repeated trading success requires we trade without emotion.

But Antonio Damasio has shown that not only is this not possible, it is not even desirable.

Neurological experiments have demonstrated that optimal decision-making requires both reason and emotion. What we need to do is to make reason and emotion partners in an environment of decision-making uncertainty. Once we know how to do this, we invariably become better traders.

This is the sort of information that will be presented in the August event.

The second factor in the equation is Risk Management.

It comprises of two factors: trade management and position sizing. This is well known. But how many know that an element of position sizing is our subjective risk profile? How many know that an element of position sizing is a hard wired decision-making process? And how many know that unless both these factors are managed in the trading process we shall not be successful. Again, we shall consider these topics in detail in the August event.

Finally, In August we shall consider the elements of a set of robust trading rules. Making sure these elements are present ensure your rules have the edge you need to succeed.


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