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Habits of Success Webinar 2010

The Foundation for Profitability

North America : Oct 22, 23, 29 and 30, 8:00 pm to 12:00 am
(Singapore/HK : Oct 23, 24, 30 and 31, 8:00 am to 12:00 noon

I have designed a 3-level learning model which helps you to achieve successful trading. This webinar is the Level II of the model.

Trading success is a function of:

Winning Psychology (60%) x Effective Money Management (30%)
x Written Plan with An Edge (10%)

With this module, the newbie lays the foundation for his success. He learns:

  • The greatest danger to his success is his own nature.
  • He learns how to trace the causes of his failures; and
  • He learns how to maintain consistency of execution that is the hallmark of every successful trader.
The importance of this learning cannot be overemphasized. Your success is assured if you have a viable risk management plan, and if you have discipline to consistently execute it and your trading strategy.

Imagine the confidence you possess because you know you have all the discipline you need, and because you know how to call upon it.

But, the benefits of the module do not stop there! The module has a unique money management approach that incorporates both sides of the brain: the logical and emotional.

Famed neurologist, Antonio D'Amasio, has shown that our best decisions come from an integration of our logic and emotions. But, if you look at most money management ideas you will see that they accentuate the left-brain but ignore the right brain. Yet such an approach leaves out one of the most important aspects of money management: the ebb and flow of our emotions as they relate to market decisions.

The 'Ebb & Flow' theory in this module shows you how to maximize your profits and minimize your losses by using your trading results AND your emotional cycles. No longer will you continue to increase your position sizes at a time when you should be decreasing them. Your profit margin will increase exponentially by applying the ideas in the module.

Finally, the module has a simple trading plan that has been proven to make money both in back-testing as well as real-time trading.

So, who should attend this webinar?

  1. Beginners (i.e. those with zero knowledge of trading). You will need to do some preliminary reading that we will provide you. You are the easiest to teach because you have no bad habits to overcome.
  2. Novices. You will learn how to overcome the barriers that have been holding you back.
  3. Competent. You will learn the tools and techniques to execute consistently your risk management and trading rules.

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What you will learn from the 4~day webinar?

The Habits of Success webinar to be held on October 22~23 & 29~30 provides you with the tools to succeed :

  • It has a unique journal-keeping method that will provide laser focuses on the areas that need improvement and those areas that you repeat for maximum profitability.
  • It provides an effective equity journal and position sizing method.
  • It provides a unique trading plan based on the methods Ray uses in his own trading. Ray has finally found a way to make available his foundational trading tools without having to purchase specialized software. For the first time, the Habits of Success will present a plan based on the Ray’s ‘Barros Swing’ methodology – this is a major breakthrough in trader education.
Register for this webinar and you will to learn Ray’s own method based on the works of the Masters of Old, Frank Tubbs and Richard D Wyckoff, as well as a method based on the Market Profile. Most trading plans rely on moving averages, oscillators (Stochastics, MACD etc) and most traders using these tools, lose money. Pete Steidlmayer, the originator of the Market Profile, once said of them:

“Traders make money not because of their tools, but in spite of them”

The reason why this is true? Because few newbie traders are taught to understand the principles of market action. In this course, Ray corrects this oversight and you benefit from the correction.

You will learn principles and rules that will lead an in depth understanding of price action. But that is not all: Ray has taken these principles and coded them into a cohesive trading rules that is easy to apply.

This means you have a simple trading plan that you can apply to make consistent profits.
The webinar gives the newbie a holistic approach that builds the foundation to success. Based on this foundation, the newbie goes on to even greater success. This webinar gives you the opportunity to achieve your dreams.

Additional Benefits

For attendees living in Singapore: you will be entitled to attend 4 weekly x 2 (total 8), live-trading sessions beginning November 3, 2010. At these sessions, you will put theory into practice and you can ask any questions that you may have.

For attendees living elsewhere: I will video the live sessions and make them available. You will be entitled to ask all the questions you may have during the live-trading month.

The live trading will apply to all timeframes: day trades, swing trades and longer-term analysis

In short, the webinar comes with one month’s free support. This level of support is unheard for your investment of US$560.

Webinar Outline

DAY 1 & 2

Winning Psychology :       

  • Journal keeping and the purpose of journal keeping.
  • The 3-1-0 method of journal keeping with template.
  • Going through worked examples of journal keeping      

Effective Money Management :

  • The need for keeping trading records.
  • A template for trading records.
  • Explaining the difference between keeping records in dollar results and % of initiating price. Why each is necessary.
  • Worked examples of keeping records and demonstrating the automated spreadsheet for producing reports.

DAY 3 & 4

Plan with an Edge :

  • The principles underlying all price action.
  • How Ray uses Candlestick Charting.
  • The Rules of the Method: Trend identification, entry and stop loss, profit taking.
  • Swing analysis of the S&P, major FX currencies, Gold and Interest Rates.

Time and Payment
Date :
North America : Oct 22 and 23 AND 29 and 30, 2010
Singapore / HK : Oct 23 and 24 AND 30 and 31, 2010
Time :
8:00 pm - 12:00 am (Eastern Time, USA)
8:00 am - 12:00 noon (Singapore)
Venue :
Payment Method :
PayPal and Credit Card  
Fee :
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about ray barros
Ray is a 30-year veteran of the markets who has been rnning a closed private hedge fund successfully since 1990. His Value Added Monthly Index (VAMI) shows that an investment of $10,000.00 with him in 1990 would totally be worth around $3,000.000. Ray is well-respected in the finance industry and has provided frequent
advice on CNBC, Bloomberg, UTV-Bloomberg, NDTV and CNBC-18. He has been interviewed on Channel New Asia, by the Straits times, the Sydney Morning Herald and by a number of Magazines including Trading Edge for his financial insights. His book 'The Nature of Trends' is published by Wiley Press.

In his thirty years of trading, Ray has seen many traders - both beginners and seasoned traders - mistake luck for skills. From the outset, he felt that it was not necessary for them to make the same mistakes he had made; he felt also that he could help them trade profitably under all market

Ray with CNBC's Chloe Cho  

                                           Advanced class at SMU, Singapore
conditions by equipping them with the right tools and thinking skills. Propelled by his desire to give something back to the society and by his love of teaching, Ray started giving public webinars to equip people with the correct tools and skills. What sets Ray apart from many others is his rich experience, his track record and his personal commitment to each and every one of his students. This commitment is further sealed by Ray’s belief that the positive effects he has had on his students in their pursuit of their goals will measure his success as a teacher.

On a personal note, Ray has been married to Christine for 40 years. He now travels to Singapore to run his business and to conduct an annual webinar. If you would like to know more about Ray, read this interview in the Straits Times.

Ray with his wife, Christine Barros