Habits of Trading Success

Never before has it become more important for you to succeed in trading... because Ray believes that the final quarter of 2012 will mark the beginning of the economic downturn that will last till 2015 to 2016.  Do you want to thrive and not just survive in this coming environment? The best way to do this is to learn a skill that excels in volatility. The skill we are speaking of is, successful trading and investing. 

The Habits of Trading Success seminar provides you with the tools to succeed. The winning formula for success is : 

Winning Psychology X Effective Risk Management X A Written Trading Strategy (that has an edge)

So ..... here are just some of things you will learn and receive at Habits of Success .... 

  • A unique journal-keeping method that will provide laser focus on the areas that need improvement and those areas that you repeat for maximum profitability.

  • An effective equity journal and position sizing method.

  • unique trading set of rules based on the methods Ray uses in his own trading. Ray has finally found a way to make available his foundational trading tools without having to purchase a specialized software.


How you will benefit from the seminar?

Register for this seminar and you will to learn Ray’s own method based on the works of the masters of old, Frank Tubbs and Richard D Wyckoff, and on the ideas of Market Profile. Most trading plans rely on moving averages, oscillators (Stochastics, MACD etc) and most traders using these tools, lose money. Pete Steidlmayer, the originator of the Market Profile, once said of them: 

“Traders make money not because of their tools, but in spite of them”

The reason why this is true? ... Because few newbie traders are taught to understand the principles of market action. In this course, Ray corrects this oversight and you benefit from the correction. 

You will learn principles and rules that will lead to an in depth understanding of price action. But that is not all: Ray has taken these principles and coded them into a cohesive set of trading rules that is easy to apply. 

This means you have a simple trading plan that you can apply to make consistent profits. The seminar gives the newbies a holistic approach that builds the foundation to success. Based on this foundation, the newbies go on to even greater success. This seminar gives you the opportunity to achieve your dreams.


How will you benefit from the live-trading sessions?

Ray and his senior students will show you how to apply the theories learnt from the seminar to the real world. At these sessions, you will put theory into practice and you can ask any questions that you may have. The live trading will apply to all timeframes: day trades, swing trades and longer-term analysis.

What is the seminar outline?

The material is delivered in two parts. Firstly, we have two days of presentation when the unique plan is taught via accelerated learning. Then the application of the plan, position sizing and consistent execution is taught exponentially over four weeks of live sessions.

Day 1

  • Factors of Trading Success

  • The Retail Trader's Model and Why It Fails

  • Introducing Richard Wyckoff

  • The Underlying Principles of Price Action

    • The Law of Supply and Demand

    • The Law of Effort and Result

    • The Law of Cause and Effect

  • The Tubbs Model

Day 2

  • Identifying the Trend of a Timeframe

    • The One-Period Swing

    • The Rule of Symmetry

  • Identifying 'Zones' for Entry

  • The Setups for Entry

    • Contraction

    • Negative Development

  • Entry Bars

    • The 'conviction close' bar

    • Bullish Conviction Closes

    • Bearish Conviction Closes

  • Stop Placement

  • Managing the Trade

    • Overnight Trades

    • Day Trades



Habits of Trading Success


Seminars: 23 and 24 Feb 2013 (9am to 5pm)

Live Sessions: 4, 7, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25 and 27 Mar 2013 (7pm to 10pm)


SGD $3,995 (Deposit of SGD $1000)

Deposit Full Payment