Coast Investment Software Inc.

Coast Investment Software Inc. is a small, innovative company, run by traders for traders. The success of the company is due to the quality of their products and services and by word of mouth exposure, not slick ad campaigns. Coast's philosophy is to provide unique and effective trading tools to a small group of serious traders. They also provide high quality teaching and instructional materials to both novice and seasoned traders alike. His most significant work to-date is the book, "Trading with DiNapoli Levels", which has become the industry standard for students of Fibonacci trading techniques.


Dynamic Gann Level Page

Visit Don Fisher's Dynamic Gann Level page. From his web site he explains: "Dynamic Gann Levels (DGLs) are technical analysis tools used to accomplish one of W.D. Gann's well-known concepts, 'squaring' price and time. More accurate, in my opinion, than traditional Gann angles or lines, they often enable the trader to anticipate market turns within ticks on a given date."


Ruth Barrons Roosevelt, J.D.

Ruth Barrons Roosevelt coaches traders around the world to psychological trading excellence. A futures trader, she is a former Vice President of Prudential Securities and of Thomson McKinnon. From 1981 to 1986 she headed the International Moneyline Trading Desk at Rudolf Wolf (New York). Before that she was a stock and futures broker at Drexel Burnham Lambert where she broke records by opening 250 accounts in one month. A graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, she is a member of the New York and California Bar Associations. A frequent contributor to "Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities", she writes articles on the psychology of successful trading. She is the coauthor of "Living In Step" (McGraw Hill, 1976). She is the author of "Exceptional Trading: The Mind Game", published by Traders Press. As founder and director of The Wall Street Hypnosis Center, she works with Wall Street professionals to achieve their optimal effectiveness.


Market Analyst Software

Market Analyst is a Technical Analysis Charting Application designed for traders of all levels of experience.

Market Analyst includes Data Services (Live and End of Day), Scanning, Portfolio Management and the world's most powerful Gann analysis tools known to man.

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Trading Secrets Revealed

Trading Secrets Revealed -Trading Veteran Reveals His Closely Guarded Trading Secrets & Explains Why The Professionals Desperately Want To Hide Them From You. Click Here & Discover The Secrets Now!


Kane Trading

Kane Trading provides new, unique and valuable trading education to help traders improve their skills, and move them closer to their trading goals. Click here and learn more about Kane Trading style and get free market commentary and articles.


Pocket Quotes

PocketQuotes combines desktop power with Pocket PC mobility in one real time stock market data system.

PocketQuotes features include:

  • Ringtone Stock Price and Volume Alerts.
  • Real-time tick by tick NYSE,NASDAQ, AMEX, and indices streaming quotes.
  • Intraday Charts.
  • Customizeable data fields.
  • Large Document Capability.
  • Customizeable Colors and Fonts.
  • Detailed snap quotes.
  • Real-time position gain/loss.
  • Streaming option chains.
  • After hours quotes.
  • Windows Desktop Version.
  • Integrated Trading


Online Futures Trading

United Futures Trading provides online futures trading with four online trading platforms. Discover a new discount commodity futures broker.


Traders Log

Sharpen your Trading Skills with this Trading Ebook by veteran analyst Jim Wyckoff.


FX Praxis - Trade Like a Professional


CommTools, Inc. - CommTools, Inc. is a privately-held 'Think Tank' devoted to research in technical market analysis. Its founder and Vigor Vitae is M. Duane Archer, a long time participant in the commodity futures and FOREX markets. - Stock and option trading book.